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The DPLC Funding Program, is a funding program for large projects for project funding from 20 million US$ and UP. The program can be structured with repayments from 10 to 20 years. The loan is established in corporation collaboration with local banks and ExcellTrust's source of funds.

The Letter of Credit Direct Payment (DPLC) is what is internationally known as the Letter of Credit Documentary of Credit (MT706), which is borne by the bank. When a bank confirms a Letter of Credit Documentary, it is usually the bank that guarantees that they will pay, even if the client is unable or unwilling to do so. But in this case LC ExcellTrust Scheme Program, the Bank only needs to issue a Letter of Intent (LOI) / Non-Cash Loan as confirmation to us, and our investor's will act as Standby Buyers for the Documentary Letter of Credit, in other words our investors will make funding to Client, while he hold the collateral of assets owned by the client

Why Do We Need to Confirmed?
We need to the Documentary LC be Confirmed, in order to rate the loan according the issuing banks credit score. This because most project owners have no credit score and thus we cannot rate the loan based on nothing.

With No Credit Score the interest will get very high or no one will provide the loan. So we used shadow rating of Documentary LC issuing bank to rate the Credit Loan, to provide a lower loan interest rate.

Entities wishing to borrow funds obtain a Letter of Credit Direct Payment (DPLC) from domestic banks or international banks. The bank that confirms has a relationship or "channel" that matches our source funds. Initially, all that is needed is a Letter of Intent (LOI) from the bank that issued the DPLC (or also the confirmation bank, if applicable) to start the loan syndication - which generally takes 2 to 4 weeks for funding. The DPLC will take part in the LOI, before actual funding. When obtaining DPLC, assets, securities, cash, real estate, etc. From the borrower, used as collateral for the DPLC held by our Investors, the selected banks have A-rated credit.

The Benefit: We can give you funding 2x - 3x from your assets values.

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<![CDATA[MEGA PROJECT FINANCING MINIMUM US$ 1 BILLION]]>Sat, 24 Feb 2018 09:27:54 GMThttp://excelltrust.com/news/7950472
Excelltrust membuka peluang bagi para pengusaha atau project owner yang ingin membangun Indonesia.

Berkat jaringan pendana kami dari dalam dan luar negeri kami membuka peluang pagi pengusaha lokal yang membutuhkan pendanaan Mega Project dengan minimal pendanaan US$ 1 Milyard lebih.

Jika anda Pengusaha Main Project, Sub Main Project dan atau project owner yang terkait dengan project – project membangun Indonesia, maka dapat mengirimkan email dan pertanyaan anda kepada kami melalui email resmi kami; submit@excelltrust.com

Project – project seperti Infrastuktur, Industry, Solar System, Pariwisata, sampai lingkungan hidup akan kami bantu melalui jaringan Investor yang kami miliki.

Excelltrust adalah fasilitator Investor dengan Pemilik Project, dimana tugas kami adalah me – screening project – project yang layak diajukan atau tidak, serta kami membantu menyiapkan Financial Structure bagi bisnis anda sehingga project yang diajukan menjadi layak didanai.

Setelah Project anda kami nyatakan Clean n Clear maka kami akan memperkenalkan anda pada Investor kami.

Excelltrust mendukung penuh pembangunan Republik Indonesia.

Mengutip pada pernyataan President RI pada selasa TGL 12 Desember 2017 :
Presiden Joko Widodo (Jokowi) mengungkap alasan mengapa pemerintah konsentrasi kepada percepatan pembangunan infrastruktur. “Ya karena ini dibutuhkan untuk menciptakan pertumbuhan ekonomi yang lebih tinggi, baik di jangka menengah maupun jangka panjang,” kata Presiden Jokowi saat menyampaikan Keynote Speech pada acara  Sarasehan Kedua 100 Ekonom Indonesia, yang diselenggarakan di Puri Agung Convention Hall, Hotel Grand Sahid Jaya, Jakarta Pusat, Selasa (12/12) pagi.

Mengenai urgensi pembangunannya, Presiden menjelaskan, yang pertama kondisi infrastruktur masih jauh dari kondisi ideal, bahkan cenderung memburuk.
Presiden menunjuk studi dari Bank Dunia, dan studi dari Bloomberg McKinsey di 2013, dimana dibandingkan dengan negara-negara lain di dunia rata-rata sebesar 70% PDB, stok infrastruktur Indonesia termasuk rendah, hanya 38% dari PDB. Selain itu, dibandingkan dengan masa sebelum krisis ekonomi Asia di ‘97/98, jumlah stok infrastruktur Indonesia juga menurun dari 49% PDB di ’95 menjadi 38% PDB di 2012.

sumber : http://setkab.go.id/presiden-jokowi-pembangunan-infrastruktur-untuk-ciptakan-pertumbuhan-ekonomi-yang-lebih-tinggi/

Excelltrust opens opportunities for entrepreneurs or project owners who want to build Indonesia.

Thanks to our investor network, we are opening opportunities for local businessmen who need Mega Project funding with a minimum of US $ 1 billion more funding.

If you are a Main Project Entrepreneur, Sub Main Project and / or project owner associated with projects building Indonesia, you can email and question us through our official email; submit@excelltrust.com

Projects such as Infrastructure, Industry, Solar System, Tourism, to the environment will help us through our Investor network.

Excelltrust is an Investor Facilitator with Project Owner, where our task is to screen for projects that are worth submitting or not, and we help prepare the Financial Structure for your business so that the proposed project becomes feasible to be funded.

After your project we declare Clean n Clear then we will introduce you to our Investor.

Excelltrust fully supports the development of the Republic of Indonesia.

Quoting the President's statement on Tuesday December 12, 2017:
President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) revealed the reasons why the government concentrates on accelerating infrastructure development. "Yes, because this is needed to create higher economic growth, both in the medium and long term," said President Jokowi while delivering Keynote Speech at the Second Sarasehan 100 Indonesian Economist event held at Puri Agung Convention Hall, Grand Sahid Jaya Hotel, Central Jakarta, Tuesday (12/12) morning.

Regarding the urgency of development, the President explained, the first condition of infrastructure is still far from ideal conditions, and even tend to deteriorate.

The President pointed to a study from the World Bank, and a study from Bloomberg McKinsey in 2013, where compared to other countries in the world on average 70% of GDP, Indonesia's infrastructure stocks are low, only 38% of GDP. Moreover, compared to the pre-Asian economic crisis of '97 / 98, Indonesia's total infrastructure stocks also declined from 49% of GDP in '95 to 38% of GDP in 2012.

source:http://setkab.go.id/presiden-jokowi-development-infrastructure-to-create-the-execonomic-freshing- growth-