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Main focus on private and corporate investment portfolios and business interests in the following sectors: Manufacturing, Power Energy, Banking, Oil & Gas, Agriculture, Health, Aviation, Tourism, Retail, Property, Construction, IT & Communication, Technology, Education, Energy, Engineering, Utilities, Telecommunications, Mining, Maritime and a number of other profitable ventures.

Placement Opens to: Entrepreneurs, and Corporations.
Funding Type: Loan Investment
Funding Rate: 3% Interest Rate per annum/tahun
Duration: 1-15 year - Renewable tenure
Currency: USD, Euros
Repayment: Quarterly Installment / per 3 bulan
Repayment Holiday/Grace Period: 6 months to 2 years
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ExcellTrust dengan bangga mengumumkan pendirian perusahaan investor yang kedua, dengan bantuan Senior ahli keuangan dan perbankan dari Eropa dan Amerika, dan tentu saja Indonesia . Dan Dibackup oleh Investor kami yang mumpuni dana dalam negeri dan luar negeri. ExcellTrust akan membantu mega proyek anda bersama PT EXCELLTRUST FORTUNA SAHASHIKA.

ExcellTrust is proud to announce the establishment of our second investor company, with the help of senior financial and banking experts from Europe and America, and of course Indonesia . Plus backed up by our investors who are qualified domestic and foreign funds. ExcellTrust will help your mega project with PT EXCELLTRUST FORTUNA SAHASHIKA.
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The DPLC Funding Program, is a funding program for large projects for project funding from 20 million US$ and UP. The program can be structured with repayments from 10 to 20 years. The loan is established in corporation collaboration with local banks and ExcellTrust's source of funds.

The Letter of Credit Direct Payment (DPLC) is what is internationally known as the Letter of Credit Documentary of Credit (MT706), which is borne by the bank. When a bank confirms a Letter of Credit Documentary, it is usually the bank that guarantees that they will pay, even if the client is unable or unwilling to do so. But in this case LC ExcellTrust Scheme Program, the Bank only needs to issue a Letter of Intent (LOI) / Non-Cash Loan as confirmation to us, and our investor's will act as Standby Buyers for the Documentary Letter of Credit, in other words our investors will make funding to Client, while he hold the collateral of assets owned by the client

Why Do We Need to Confirmed?
We need to the Documentary LC be Confirmed, in order to rate the loan according the issuing banks credit score. This because most project owners have no credit score and thus we cannot rate the loan based on nothing.

With No Credit Score the interest will get very high or no one will provide the loan. So we used shadow rating of Documentary LC issuing bank to rate the Credit Loan, to provide a lower loan interest rate.

Entities wishing to borrow funds obtain a Letter of Credit Direct Payment (DPLC) from domestic banks or international banks. The bank that confirms has a relationship or "channel" that matches our source funds. Initially, all that is needed is a Letter of Intent (LOI) from the bank that issued the DPLC (or also the confirmation bank, if applicable) to start the loan syndication - which generally takes 2 to 4 weeks for funding. The DPLC will take part in the LOI, before actual funding. When obtaining DPLC, assets, securities, cash, real estate, etc. From the borrower, used as collateral for the DPLC held by our Investors, the selected banks have A-rated credit.

The Benefit: We can give you funding 2x - 3x from your assets values.

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